Treadmill accident, USU Strength and Conditioning Center

By Jaesea Gatherum and Erin West


Brandon McJacobs, Utah State University’s athletic director, said in a press conference that Jose Gonzales is in a medically induced coma. Details are unknown as to why doctors decided to put him in a coma.

The sales of the model 2200 Nordic Track treadmill, the same model Gonzales was running on, have been halted until investigators are certain about what caused Jose Gonzales’s accident, said Tyrion Lannister, who works on the ICON public relations team.

Jose Gonzales has moved from critical to stable condition, according to Brandon Lytefoot, a spokesman for Logan Regional Hospital. Lytefoot said Gonzales obtained major head trauma and fractured his tibia.

Utah State University track and field team member, Jose Gonzalez was knocked unconscious while running on a treadmill in the Athletic Strength and Conditioning Center at USU today.

According to USU track and field coach Bob Smithh, Gonzalez was taken to the Logan Regional Hospital and is now in stable condition.

Gonzalez is expected to return to the team within a month, Smithh said.

Porter Bower, a janitor at the center, saw Gonzalez fall off the treadmill. Later, Bower said he saw police evacuating the building for investigation.

According to Bower, the treadmill belt was shredded.

Tyrion Lannister, who works in public relations at Icon Health and Fitness, said he hasn’t seen any machines from Icon Health and Fitness malfunctions before”

Lannister believes it wasn’t a malfunction of the treadmill, but it was the user who may have been “goofing off.”

A press conference will be held on the USU campus in the atrium of the Agriculture Science Building at 6 p.m.