Shelby Ruud

Cache Valley resident Kellie Fife faked cancer in order to collect funds to pay off credit card debt and is currently on the run through northern Utah.

Fife has been spotted in Brigham City and Park City driving a red Toyota Corrolla with a “Kellie Kicks Cancer” bumper sticker. People who spot a vehicle matching this description are encouraged to contact police.

The fundraiser raised $10,000. Fife’s family has frozen the funds so Kellie will not have access to them.

“We are looking at putting the funds towards a legitimate charity,” said Fife’s husband, Daniel Fife.

The fundraiser was sponsored by fraternities and sororities on the Utah State University campus.

Fife’s cousin, Theresa Burkenshaw, claimed that Fife’s shopping habits led to massive amounts of debt.

There is no word on what charges will be brought against Fife.

“This isn’t something to joke about. I don’t care how much debt she had, she needs to be put behind bars,” said Matt McCann, whose wife died from the same type of cancer Fife pretended to have.