Shelby Ruud

Around 80 deer ran across the Utah State University campus and into Logan today around 5:20 p.m. causing damage to residencies in the city.

“The deer are causing so much damage,” said Janice Duplin, a resident of Logan who lives on 500 North. “There is deer poop everywhere and my peonies are being eaten.”

Duplin said the herd of deer is currently tearing up her lawn.

“I’m certainly not paying for this,” she said.

Fred Franklin with the city’s animal control said they are currently evaluating the situation.

“We haven’t heard about any severe damage or injuries,” Franklin said. “It’s possible they will return to the mountains by the end of the night.”

The deer are in the city as a result of snow inhibiting their typical food supply, according to Mark Gamer, an animal scientist and USU.

“Due to all the snow, they weren’t able to get to the grass and the other things they would normally eat at the beginning of spring,” Gamer said. “They just came here to eat. They were hungry.”