UPDATE: Plane Crash, USU

In a press conference held today, Brandon McJacobs, athletic director for Utah State University, released the names of the USU men’s basketball team members that died and were injured in a plane crash in Providence earlier today.

Jason More and Mike Brown died in the plane crash. Victims with injuries include USU basketball head coach Blake Nikey and players Shawn Green, Grant Deans, Jack Porter and Grant Mills. According to McJacobs, “Everyone else has been released and cleared,” and are currently in stable condition.

“The Aggie family is sending out prayers to all of the fallen,” McJacobs said.

Charles Barkley with the Cache County Investigation Unit said that security video footage of the plane just before takeoff has been looked at.

“It came to our attention that two men, not affiliated with the airport in any way we know, were out at the site of the plane before it took off. Mechanics were on the plane, and they were doing something underneath the plane. Later when we played the security video back, that’s when we noticed,” Barkley said.

Whether or not it was sabotage is too “early to speculate,” Barkley said. “It’s certainly out of the norm that these two people would be out on the tarmac.”

Another press conference regarding the alleged plane sabotage will be held at 9 p.m. in the atrium room of the Agricultural Science Building at USU.