Shelby Ruud

Based on anonymous reports that baked goods had drugs in them, police officers confiscated treats being sold on the Utah State University campus by elementary children who were attempting to raise money for cancer earlier today.

“We did this for the safety of the children,” Sgt. Mark Jacobs of the Logan Police Department said in a press conference shortly after the incident.

According to Jacobs, the baked goods are being sent to a lab to be tested for marijuana.

Debbie Perser, a mother of one of the children selling baked goods, called the incident police brutality.

“They viciously took the treats,” Purser said. “My child came home crying.”

The fundraiser was organized by UNICEF, who partnered with local elementary schools to raise money for Kellie Fiefie, a local woman with cancer.

“I hope they can continue fundraising after this,” Puerser said. “It’s a great opportunity for children.”

UPDATE: Logan Police analysis reveals that there were not any drugs in the baked goods.