By Erin Cox

Utah State University police captain Scott Miller and Theresa Pickett, the spectrum events coordinator, held a press conference on the bombing at the Ben Gleck devotional at 12:30 p.m.

“At this point in time we’ve identified over 600 people that have been injured,” Miller said. “At this time we have 113 fatalities from this incident.”

Miller said 11 explosives have been detonated with two additional undetonated devices in the spectrum. Ben Gleck has been evacuated, unharmed and is in an undisclosed location.

“We ask people to stay out of the area and to not interfere with the emergency operation issues,” Miller said. “It is still a very dangerous scene.”

No suspects have been identified.

Miller said every resource in the U.S. will be coming to help investigate the situation including the FBI, the ATF and the USU Crime Division.

“We don’t expect a chaotic situation like this to happen,” Pickett said. “It’s something that you don’t anticipate to happen.”

A little over a year ago, the Boston Marathon bombing killed three spectators, one police officer, with an additional 280 non-fatal injuries.

“Nothing this horrific has ever happened,” Miller said.

Miller said Ben Gleck receives threats all of the time. Every employee on staff was asked to monitor the entire venue for anything suspicious, he said, but there were no bomb protection dogs readily available.

“I think those are some things we will definitely have to consider for the future,” Miller said.

Brad Bair from the cache county public relations office has asked for a full evacuation of the Utah State campus. “Go to residencies,” he said. “If on campus go to the Logan library or Logan police station.”

Logan Regional Hospital also requests blood and plasma donors in response to the bombing casualties.

“We have to take these things very seriously,” Miller said. “We can’t let this happen again in cache valley.”