Lieutenant Brad Franke and Officer Scott Langley held a press conference to provide updates on the attack using explosive devices on Utah State University’s campus. They have declared it an act of terrorism and encourage community members to report missing persons.

“Try to track your friends and family down, if you can’t find them let us know,” Franke said.

The number of casualties found in the rubble and people missing are steadily rising, but 180 fatalities and 600 injured victims have been confirmed.

“This is a terrorist attack,” Franke said. “I don’t know what else you could call it, to plant 13 bombs in a place where innocent civilians are is terrorism.”

In total, 11 bombs detonated and two bombs on the scene have still not gone off.

“We think the bombing at Champ Hall is related to the bombing in the Spectrum,” Langley said. “We can confirm they are connected.”

The Bureau for Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, FBI and federal resources have taken over the crime scene and are investigating. After analysis of the bombs, officials found the explosives were composed of same components.

While protesters at the press conference accused the police department of doing nothing to protect Logan’s citizens, Franke acknowledged the losses of everyone.

“We know it’s been a pretty stressful day for everybody,” he said. “Unfortunately, many people have been killed.”

The police department lost three members who had all served at least a decade.

The department is doing everything it can to recover missing persons and discover who committed the terrorist act. It requests anybody with information related to the missing 3-year-old Joe Cotton to contact authorities. He was last seen wearing spiderman pajamas.