Logan City Police confirmed Friday morning that Melissa Barker was shot by boyfriend Zach Christensen Thursday evening at a house party on 100 N. Center St.

According to Lt. Brad Franke, shots were fired after an “altercation” broke out during the party upon which, Christensen promptly left in a black sedan.

“We had a report of a disturbance that ended with some gunfire and a car leaving,” Franke said. “We do know that when we arrived, Melissa had been shot.”

Barker is currently in critical condition but is being treated and is expected to make a “decent recovery,” said Franke.

Christensen is the son of David Christensen who owns public relations firm, SeitKilo. The firm received a phone call from Zach Christensen Friday morning informing them of the incident.

“As of now David Christensen has come out to say that he fully supports and loves his son Zack Christensen who has gone missing after a party at 11:30 p.m. last night,” SeitKilo stated in a recent press release.