By Erin Cox

Logan city police officers return to work after almost one month of being on strike. The officers went on strike in response to the collapse of the Cache County Workers Retirement Fund, but after the Utah State University bombings, are going back to work.

“The force needs all the help it can get,” said Oskar Robinowitz, member of the Cache County Sheriff Department Union.

Logan city mayor LaDamian Thymes-Jones III said the LCPD needs as much help as it can get.

“We need them all to come back,” Mayor Thymes-Jones said.

Robinowitz said that returning to the department didn’t mean the dispute with the county is over. “We’re going back to work because it’s an extraordinary situation,” he said.

Mayor Thymes-Jones said what has happened is a tragedy and plans to have extra forces at events.

“We offer, as a union, our condolences to all victims,” Robinowitz said.