By Erin Cox and Logan Jones

Three members of the Logan city bomb squad were killed diffusing a bomb in Champ Hall, the latest in a series of explosions on campus at Utah State University. New reports now estimate 150 dead and many still missing.

The bomb, left in an unattended backpack in Champ Hall, was reported to authorities by USU student Brooke Leavitt.

Scott Langley, a member of the Logan City Police Department, said the multiple bombings may be related.

“We’re still in process of removing bodies,” Langley said.

Logan resident Brandon Cotten said his three year old brother is still missing.

“He was with my mother, who is okay now,” Cotten said. “Police are cleaning up and not doing anything about it, I just want them to find him.”

Langley said campus safety is their main concern. “We’re not sure if there will be any more bombings,” he said.

“Our government system will take care of everything,” said Brandon Carrico, a university student and victim of the Spectrum bombing. “I think we’ll be safe after this with extra forces.”

Langley has not initiated full campus evacuation, but advises students to report any suspicious activity to the LCPD.