By Stewart Ulrich

With the recent events of today in Logan city, the public has seen a hole in our public safety. Many of our officers who are charged with protecting the public failed in their duty because of their strike.

Is this not why we pay our taxes?

Due to the strike many citizens in Cache Valley have been in danger without proper protection. For example, today our staff received a call from a citizen of Millville whose four-year-old daughter’s arm was torn off by a dog. When following up on the lead with animal control, we were told that all workers were on strike. None were able to be dispatched to the scene.

A mad dog on the loose and a young girl without an arm are the effects from the strike. If this strike continues on, the city will be in chaos.

How long must this go on? The officers on strike should see the greater good and help with the multiple on-going investigations.

Officer Oskar Robinowitz of the Cache County Sheriffs’ Deputy Union announced earlier today that all police officers will be returning to work. However, he warned that this is only temporary if their needs are not met.

The government has failed its citizens today. By not being able to negotiate with its employees, the government is letting its citizens down.

We need the protection that our officers provide. The government needs to negotiate with its officers so that this does not happen again and leave our city in shambles.