Police confirmed there were three casualties and 13 injuries at the Ellen Eccles Theater during a Friday afternoon showing of Phantom of the Opera after a chandelier crashed into the first three rows of seats.

Matthew Ballast, a Cache Valley arts supporter, said the chandelier fell after a malfunction that caused the fall. All cast members remain unharmed. Langley also noted that injuries ranged from severed legs to head injuries.

The malfunction of the chandelier was possibly due to the prop being set up wrong, said Mike Wasowski of LCPD during a press conference at 2:15 p.m. on Friday. He added that there have never been prop-related accidents before in the history of the Ellen Eccles Theater.

Chris Langley of the Logan City Police Department noted that several of the injured are in critical condition and receiving hospital treatment.

Wasowski said there is currently no suspicion of foul play. However, Patty Baker, an actress who plays the lead role of Christine in the play, said she is suspicious of her understudy Sara Jones.

Baker stated that Jones was jealous of her lead role and that she saw her sneaking around backstage. This fact, however, cannot be confirmed by LCPD although Wasowski did say that the plays understudies have yet to be accounted for. Baker stated that the only other witness to see Jones backstage was janitor Daryl Jane.

LCPD will conduct an investigation as soon as all injuries and casualties are taken care of. Langley noted that the chandelier will take two weeks to a month to repair but until that time, all performances will be postponed.