An interview with Ben Gleck’s public relations representative Howard Schultz revealed that Beck’s 13 year-old daughter Mildred, commonly known as Millie, died Friday at 1:02 p.m.

“It’s definitely a sad day for the Gleck family,” he said. 

It appears that she died from sustained head injuries caused by bombings that went off during Gleck’s speech during the USU Religion in Life Devotional. 

“She was sitting away from the stage, which I understand is where the bombs were, but she sustained head industries from being thrown,” Schultz said. 

In regards to the reaction of Gleck and his family, Schultz noted that Gleck will work hard to make sure that something like this never happens again through his radio show, “It’s Your Call.” 

“Mr. Gleck is a passionate man and he obviously has a lot of causes that he’s already very active in so i don’t see how once they get the bottom of what this … how he wouldn’t be passionate in never seeing this happen again,” Schultz said. 

He added that Gleck and his team felt sorry for whoever did this. 

“We’re sorry for them because whether you believe in a heaven or not, we sure know that Ben Gleck does, but we don’t see anyone who’s done something like this going anyplace resembling a heaven,” he said.  “It’s definitely very hard but Mr. Gleck is a forgiving person but we just feel sorry for whoever has decided to do that.”