Melanie Daniels of the United States Department of Agriculture is expected to visit Cache Valley Friday in response to sick and dying cattle throughout the valley. Reports of the dying cattle began to surface early Friday morning. Daniels is expected to confirm the cause of the sickness and help figure out a solution.

It is believed at this moment to be babesiosis, a disease caused by blood parasites. The disease, also known as Redwater disease, causes red urine, abnormal behavior and death in cattle. It is normally preventable by a standard, eight-way vaccine.

Cattle deaths have been reported in Smithfield, Providence and the west side of the Valley. Not all cattle seem to be affected.

Amanda King of the Department of Agriculture said that acidic, standing water could be the cause of the babesiosis. A Logan man was sent to the hospital after accidentally ingesting water from a marsh when his boat was capsized. It is possible that the water is not contaminated, but people are advised to avoid the marsh. It is still unclear whether there is a correlation between the two.

USDA tests are scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Friday.