After the Witch Rock area was set ablaze early Friday morning, Wade Evans and “Laughter”, two hikers who went missing during the fire, were safely transported out of the area while flames continue to engulf the region while the two individuals that found the lost hikers are staying behind.

“The two hikers that checked on their herb garden were helicoptered out of the area,” Sarah Wheeler of the National Forest Service said. “But the two cowboys that found them have stayed behind until their horses can be safely transported out.”

The flames continue to destroy wildlife in Logan Canyon.

“It’s a real tragedy,” John Smith of the Environmental Protection Agency said. “There are at least 56 native species to Logan Canyon. We are not worried about the snakes and lizards, but I’m worried about the cute little bunnies.”

The 20-member crew has also been transported safely out of the area.

Although the fire is still active, 22 percent of the fire has been contained. Three cabins, two outbuildings and two additional structures have been affected by the fire. Crews estimate that full containment will take six days.