SIMULATION: A train belonging to the Pacific Coalition Railroad Company derailed on 600 W. and Center St. in Logan, Utah. Everybody within a two mile radius is being evacuated. The area around the crash is considered to be dangerous. Fatalities have been confirmed but the exact number is yet to be determined.

The train was carrying two explosive materials: Propane tanks that will explode if not continually cooled with application of water and phosphorus that has been mixed with anhydrous ammonia. If this mixture comes in contact with water, it will explode. According to Klaus Vonderdraten, vice president of PCRC, it has created a very complicated situation and there are still chances of explosion.

There are still propane tank – four to five times the size of propane tank that exploded in Hyrum earlier today – in the wreckage threatened by fire.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of life today,” Vonderdraten said. “”We are asking people not to go out to the wreck area.”

In a press release, Seitkilo Public Relations urged Governor Gary Herbert to declare a state of emergency and assist in Cache Valley.

Government Gary Herbert was unavailable for comment.

Lt. Brad Franke of the Logan Police Department said the derailment apeears to be an accident at this point, but a piece of steel metal has been blamed for causing the wreck and evacuations are still in place. Evacuees have been sheltered at the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum on the Utah State campus.