Cows across Cache Valley have become sick and some have even started dying in large numbers.

Diane Bodek, who owns a farm in Providence, said she lost 40 cows this morning. She came outside and saw that they had died overnight. She said there didn’t appear to be any problems on Thursday and it was all very sudden.

Cattle on the west side of of Cache Valley started to exhibit strange behavior and became sick. It was first noticed early Friday.

According to Sabrina Duncan, the head of agriculture of Cache Valley, the cattle were restless, urinating red, staggering, shaking and making unusual amounts of noise.

Toxicologist Marion Kerby said these symptoms point to a naturally occurring sickness and is probably not a result of poisoning.

According to cattle owner Mike Smith, who is on the east side of the valley, his cattle, and his neighbor’s cattle appear to be normal.

Not all cows in the west side of the valley are sick however. Jim Brad, a rancher on the west side says his cows appear to be fine, but his neighbor’s cows are showing signs of sickness.