Hyrum, UT — The fire ignited this morning by a truck explosion is still raging out of control, said Matt Scott, the chief of the Logan Fire Department, in a press conference Friday morning. Scott expressed the urgent need for people to vacate the area around 100 E. and Main St. in Hyrum, and to keep the highways leading into the town clear of traffic.

“Hyrum does not have a fire-hydrant system,” Scott said. “We are having issues getting tanker trucks to the site of the fire because of severe traffic on roadways.”

The fire began when a stray piece of burning paper from a ditch burn, being conducted by a farmer, ignited a propane tank in the back of a his truck, scott said, causing a 200-foot tall explosion. This explosion killed the farmer — the only confirmed casualty at this time — critically injured his wife and destroyed his home, said neighbor and witness Rhonda Lews.

The initial structure fire has since spread to include four homes as well as started a grass fire in a nearby field, Scott said. Fire crews are working to contain the fires from spreading to any further homes.

“Right now we have a really dangerous, volatile situation,” said Brad Franke of the Logan Police Department. “We need people to stay out of the area so we can get this situation under control.”

Hospitals in the area are being overburdened by injured people from the fire, Franke said. Public officials have evacuated an area two blocks from each side of the effected area.

Scott requested that any people who wish to volunteer with fighting the fire should convene at the Mountain Crest High School at 255 S. 800 E., Hyrum.

By Clayton Leuba