Hours after running into his father’s store with his father’s car, Charlie Larabee turned himself into local authorities and issued a statement.

“I wanted to turn myself in,” Larabee said. “I did it on purpose. My dad is a really bad dude. … It was almost better when he wasn’t around.”

Larabee said his actions were spurred by past experience with his father, claiming he, his siblings and his mother were all abused and neglected by his father.

David Larabee, Charlie’s father, said that the family situation was unfortunate but that he had chosen not to press charges.

Instead, David will take a temporary leave from Turner’s Inc to enroll in therapy with his family – his wife, Sabrina, and three children.

“As long as it takes,” David said. “As a family man, my family comes first.”

Charlie – who was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when the incident occurred – said he was willing to testify against his father in court, and David admitted to having made “past mistakes” before excusing himself to meet with his son in private.