LOGAN, Utah – A man caused quite a stir on Utah State University’s campus yesterday when he got stuck in a tree while rescuing a cat.

Mark Philips, 23, climbed the tree in front of Old Main in an attempt to reach a white and brown cat. A crowd had begun to gather around the tree by the time Philips started climbing.

“I walked out of the building and heard her meowing,” said Philips. “She kept backing away from me. I had to stop moving so she wouldn’t fall off the branch.”

Officers Roy Smith and Bill Douglas of the USU Police Department responded to the call. They were able to rescue both the man and the cat.

“Once we got the right ladder, everything went pretty smoothly,” said Smith. “The cat was very interested in what we were doing and came close enough for us to pull her down from the branch.”

Animal Control discovered the cat does have a microchip. However, the chip is unregistered, and the cat’s owner could not be identified. Inquiries about the cat may be directed to Sara Ferguson at 485-368-5692.