SALT LAKE CITY – A world-renowned pop bottle collection was destroyed late last night in a house fire at 4263 South William Way in Salt Lake City.

“I don’t have much going for me,” said Michael Dobbs, owner of the collection. “The only valuable thing I had was that pop bottle collection. And now it’s gone.”

The SLC Fire Department responded to reports of a fire at 10:38 p.m. The fire had consumed the garage and the back room of the house. Firefighters were able to prevent the fire from spreading to the living room and spare bedroom.

Chief George Choper of the SLC Fire Department estimated the total damage to be $450,000.

“We were unable to save any of the bottles,” said Choper. “We believe they were in the room where the fire started.”

The bottle collection itself was insured for $300,000, said Dobbs.

“I’m not upset about the money,” said Dobbs. “But most of my life’s work was in that collection.”