By, Sarah Menlove and Jenna Colton 

Dominique Zamescko, a gymnast at Utah State University, qualified for the women’s Olympic Grecian Team.

Zamescko heard the news Tuesday night. “It was super exciting,” she said. “My initial reaction was that this doesn’t happen very often. I’m already a freshman in college so I’m past my prime years.”

Zamescko’s plan is to continue her rigorous training in preparation for the Grecian Trials. 

“My coach has been really great,” Zamescko said. “She’s been helping me to prevent any injuries.”

Bella Karolyi has been coaching at Utah State for the past two seasons. However, she has been Zamescko’s coach since Zamescko was six years old.

“I’m kind of an independent,” Karolyi said. “I go anywhere I want to.”  

But Karolyi is committed to taking Zamescko through the rest of her gymnastics career. “I’m committed with Dominique as far as she wants to go,” Karolyi said.   

“This is such an amazing opportunity,” Zamescko said. “Just to be representing USA and especially Logan, Utah.”