By, Sarah Menlove and Jenna Colton

LOGAN, Utah – Ashley Jordash, a student at Utah State University, was found hanging from a Wells Fargo Building window Saturday night.

“It is hard to remember,” Jordash said. “We were up there with a bunch of friends partying.”

Her friends convinced her to get close to the edge.

“I’ve never been a heights person,” Jordash said. “I was just so scared that I was going to fall off.”

Jordash slipped off the edge of the building but her Halloween costume caught on a window, stopping her fall.

Captain Steve Milne of the Logan City Police Department was at the scene shortly after her fall. Emergency personnel pulled her from the window and took her to a nearby hospital to check for injuries.

“I had a hurt shoulder,” Jordash said, “but nothing serious. I was very lucky.”

Milne disclosed that Jordash had been drinking. The LCPD cited her for intoxication.

“I was intoxicated,” Jordash said. “I don’t want to lie to everybody and say that I wasn’t. But I don’t want that to be something the public focuses on. I just want to get past it. The video is hard enough for me anyway.”

A video of Jordash’s fall was released to online social media and has gone viral. TV host, Jay Leno, saw the video and is trying to book her for his show.

“We’re doing a whole segment on viral videos,” Leno said. “I saw the video and it looked pretty funny.”

Jordash is hesitant to appear on Leno’s show.

“I was trying to decide if I should just let it go and get past it,” Jordash said. “But we’re keeping in contact.”