This morning cattle at Ganz Dairy located in Cache Valley, Utah, were acting strangely.

“They are walking around and falling down like zombies,” said Fred Astair, a neighbor of the dairy. “They keep falling over and peeing purple.”

Astair was adamant the cattle were ill and needed attention, but local experts are confused on the symptoms reported.

“As far as their stumbling and falling down, that could be many things,” said Dr. Kerry A. Rood, extension veterinarian at Utah State University. “The thing that I’ve never heard of  is cattle ever urinating purple.”

Both Rood and Dr. Cord Brannigan, a Oregon State University graduate in dairy management and Cache County dairy cattle specialist, were on their way to investigate.

“This is the first I have heard of this problem,” Brannigan said. “But it needs to be addressed.”
By Paul Christiansen and Michael Royer