By Jenna Colton

Earlier today at Logan Regional Hospital, Nancy Jones gave birth to quadruplets.

“It’s definitely an exciting thing,” said Meredith Blake, Logan Regional’s public relations official. “The mom and all the babies are healthy. It’s definitely a miracle.”

Jones says she “feels pretty exhausted but very excited.”

The babies are identical boys.

“We knew we were having four,” Jones said. “But we didn’t know the sex.”

She said she hadn’t thought about how she and her husband are going to prepare for the boys at home.

“It’s a one in 535 chance of having quadruplets, so I have no idea how we could have planned for this,” said Henry Jones, father of the children.

The birth of these boys is an exciting development for Logan Regional.

“We don’t think quadruplets have been born at Logan Regional in about 30 years,” Blake said.