Police are continuing their investigation to find the missing Red River High School mascot. They are looking into a rival school’s possible involvement.
“The principal of Red River High School told us that their mascot was missing a couple of days ago,” said Barney Donnovan, a police representative. “We got a lead that the mascot is possibly stolen by a rival school.”
That school, according to Donnovan, is Casa de Loba High School, but there are still no suspects.
“We continue to search for any answers,” said Sandy York, Carbon County public affairs director in a press conference Wednesday morning.The mascot is a wooden carving of a Native American that stood in front of the school. It is valued at more than $3,000 according to Donnovan.
If anyone has any further information, please contact the police at 435-770-8653 or the Logan Ledger at 435-938-8611.