Sebastian Veneble, the son of Mayor Robert Veneble, was bullied at school, said peer Turner Hooch.

Sebastian Veneble was found dead in the Casa de Loba high school locker room. The cause of death was hanging and a suicide note was found, said Captain Steve Milne.

“We are satisfied that there was no foul play involved,” Milne said.

According to Hooch, a student was targeting Sebastian because of his sexual orientation.

Dawn Smith, the principle of Casa de Loba high school, said that generally, bullying was not an issue at the school.

“This is a very very free school. We are the top school in the state when it comes to academics,” Smith said. “The community loves us.”

The mayor’s attorney, Thurston Howell III, confirmed that the Veneble family were facing legal issues related their son’s orientation and suicide.