Mayor Robert Veneble may be suspending his race for re-election indefinitely following his son’s death, he said in a press conference on Tuesday.

“Obviously I’ll be suspending my campaign, maybe indefinitely. We’ll be making some decisions about that after the funeral,” Veneble said. “In the meantime, again, my wife and I just wanted to express our thanks and ask, beg, really please, give our family some privacy now.”

Veneble’s son, Sebastian Veneble was found dead in the Casa de Loba high school locker room.

Evidence points to Sebastian Veneble’s death as a suicide, Captain Steve Milne said.

“I know there are things that parents can do, and sometimes you look back and think you could have done them better, but you wish you could have done those while they were here,” Robert Veneble said.

Robert Veneble did not specify a reason why Sebastian Veneble committed suicide.

“School is a tough time for everybody. It’s not easy being the mayor’s son,” he said.