Mayor Robert Veneble held a press conference on Tuesday about the reactivation of his campaign.

Veneble scolded both the press and his opponent Georgette Cantor for lack of privacy regarding the death of his son.

“My opponent couldn’t give me the courtesy of a day. She had to attack my fine family and suggest that my son’s death makes me unable to be mayor of this fine city,” Veneble said.

Veneble blamed the press and his opponent for unethical behavior in violating his family’s privacy so soon after the death of his son, Sebastian Veneble.

“If you want to talk about this or that about my son, you know what, he’s dead. It’s not going to hurt him anyway. He’s in a better place now,” he said.

Veneble said he is putting all of his energy into his campaign. He has only one platform: to correct what he views as unethical practices in the media.

“The campaign’s back on. And with every ounce of my energy, with every gene in my genome,” he said. “I’m going to win this election and I’m going to win it on this platform and this platform only: the disgusting, unethical, unprofessional practices of the media.”

Georgette Cantor had no comment on the matter.