The Red River High School mascot, which was stolen and has been missing for a week, has been recovered by police.

“We had a big break in the case,” said Barney Donnovan, a police representative.

According to Donnovan, five students from Casa de Loba High School had taken the mascot.

“There is an ongoing rivalry between the two schools,” Donnovan said.

Police will press charges against the individuals responsible for the theft.

“This time with actual theft, it’s likely that they will be charged,” Donnovan said.

Casa de Loba officials plan to take appropriate action against the suspects as well.

“Myself and the vice principal have been talking about what we’ll do,” said Clark Gable, principal of Casa de Loba High School.

The mascot has been returned to Red River High without any damage, but Gable warns students to not react.

“Don’t retaliate in anyway,” Gable said. “We’ll continue to take action against students who do.”