A soldier is enjoying the safety of home, after facing a dangerous attack abroad.

Josh Anderson, a war veteran returned from Afghanistan today. Anderson was injured and received a combat action medal. He served in Afghanistan for one year.

Anderson was shot in the back during a firefight. His truck was attacked and so they prepared to wait for help. Anderson and his brothers in arms ran away as grenades were thrown at them. Anderson was knocked to the ground and a fellow soldier noticed that he had been shot. The bullet went between the plates in his armor, entered his back and went straight through, exiting through the front.

“I was shot in the back, it’s a flesh wound really,” Anderson said. “By some miracle, I’m still alive.”

Anderson feels that we are not going to win this war and is happy to be out of harms way.

“I’m just happy to be back at home with my beautiful wife and daughter,” Anderson said.