Several cattle at Ganz Dairy have been confirmed dead.

“The cows are dying,” said Ginger Astair, neighbor on the scene. “Bodies are beginning to bloat. They smell terrible. We need help, someone needs to come.”

Dr. Cord Brannigan, local dairy cattle specialist, investigated the scene and confirmed several cows had perished.

“The sickness is related to plants,” Brannigan said. “I took samples of the sick and dead cattle and will get the results back within the hour.”

Plant specimens are being tested and analyzed at the Poison and Plant Research Center in Logan, Utah. The animal samples were taken the Cache County Veterinary Diagnostic Lab.

“I took blood samples from the living, tissue samples from the dead,” Brannigan said. “This is something we’ve never seen before.”

Other organizations in the county are working on gathering information to aid in finding a resolution for the problem.

“Currently we are working to formalize the symptoms and find the cause,” said Samantha Gregson, a representative for the Utah Agricultural Control Board. “Our primary concern is to first get all the facts straight.”

By Michael Royer and Paul Christiansen