Early this morning, Gabby’s Bike Shop located on main street in Logan was burglarized. Police suspect Bobby Bumbuster.

“He had a grudge against Gabby,” said Steve Milne, captain of the Cache Valley Police Department. “He was runner up in the 1994 Olympic trials.”

Four bikes were stolen including the owner’s personal bike used in the 1994 gold medal trials.

According to Laddelhamar, her own bike was worth $10,000, but also had a large sentimental value.

“Of course I would be sentimental about it” Laddelhamar said. “I was a gold medalist in 1994 with that bike.”

The burglary occurred at a time that is already a bad time for Laddelhamar’s business.

“People don’t like to bike in the snow, then you have three bikes stolen. It just hurts us real bad,” Laddelhamar said.

This is the first incident of burglary for Gabby’s bike shop.

“Bike thefts are not uncommon. As far as a bike store though, that’s not very common,” Milne said. “This business has not had a theft before.”

Although Gabby’s shop does not have a security camera, the police are checking the nearby stores to find video of the burglary.

“We’re asking for help from the public,” Milne said. “The three regular bikes were Aggie-Blue color brand named Schwinn. The other one was red and yellow specialized specific for road racing.”