By Parker Atkinson

Police confirmed that suspects in the recent bombing that brought down a plane in Providence earlier today have been arrested and are currently in custody.

Police said in a press conference that prime suspect and Utah State University police officer Jonny Lingo was apprehended with an additional suspect, Tito Jackson. Police said they surrendered without incident.

“In Mr. Lingo’s truck we also found a container with the same black bomb-making material that was found in the engine of the plane, directly linking him to the plane crash,” said John Anderson, of the Logan Police Department’s special investigations unit.

Anderson also said that personal effects and love-letters found in the vehicle indicated that Lingo had been in a romantic relationship with a student-athlete, Jack Porter, who survived the crash.


Devin Schute, a Utah State alum and CEO of Shute Life Products, is in custody tonight along with 24 other employees of Shute Life Products in relation to accusations of a dog fighting ring run in the company according to the FBI.

Katie Feinhauer, represenative from Seitkilo who represents the Logan Police Department said that there will be a hearing at eight in the morning on Saturday.

“We are confident in the justice department of the US government. We are confident that if they are guilty they will be arrested and convicted,” Feinhauer said.

Shute Life Products awarded students scholarships on USU campus on Friday and was arrested at the awards ceremony.

Shelby Ruud

Cache Valley resident Kellie Fife faked cancer in order to collect funds to pay off credit card debt and is currently on the run through northern Utah.

Fife has been spotted in Brigham City and Park City driving a red Toyota Corrolla with a “Kellie Kicks Cancer” bumper sticker. People who spot a vehicle matching this description are encouraged to contact police.

The fundraiser raised $10,000. Fife’s family has frozen the funds so Kellie will not have access to them.

“We are looking at putting the funds towards a legitimate charity,” said Fife’s husband, Daniel Fife.

The fundraiser was sponsored by fraternities and sororities on the Utah State University campus.

Fife’s cousin, Theresa Burkenshaw, claimed that Fife’s shopping habits led to massive amounts of debt.

There is no word on what charges will be brought against Fife.

“This isn’t something to joke about. I don’t care how much debt she had, she needs to be put behind bars,” said Matt McCann, whose wife died from the same type of cancer Fife pretended to have.

By Jaesea Gatherum and Ariell Allred

Utah State University’s head track coach, Peter Larsen, has officially resigned after covering up the alleged rape of USU student Alyssa Michaelson by track athlete Jose Gonzales.

Michaelson’s roommate, Mary Wentworth, said the incident occurred when Michaelson attended a frat party Friday.

“Alyssa went to the coach the next day and told him about it. He told her he would do something about it but never did,” Wentworth said.

In a press release, Larsen wrote that he felt conflicted about his decision to cover up Michaelson’s story.

“I felt a duty to both Alyssa and to USU track team,” Larsen wrote in a press release today. “We need Jose.”

In the press release Larsen also apologized to Michaelson.

“I am deeply sorry for the pain I have caused…Alyssa Michaelson,” Larsen said. “I apologize profusely for my failure to act.”

Larsen has officially resigned as the USU track coach.

“I will do what is best for Utah State University athletics and am officially resigned as of now.”

Assistant coach Steve Jones is now the interim head coach.

SIMULATION SeitKilo possibly involved in Al’s Sporting Goods toxic mosquito repellant

By Erin West

Public relations company SeitKilo asked Jim Swenson, who works at Al’s Sporting Goods in Logan, to cover up an incident about merchandise tainted by toxic mosquito repellant.

According to Swenson, employees had sprayed the repellant on clothing because of a recent mosquito outbreak due to warmer weather.

“I just can’t live with the advice my PR gave me to just cover it up,” Swenson said. “I told them I was scared that it was our fault. They decided it was probably not us and just the air quality. They told me to get rid of all my merchandise and just get it out of the store. I just couldn’t live with that. People need to throw it out or burn it or something. I understand I’ll probably go to jail and there will be consequences but I have to do what’s right now.”

Jim Swenson is now confirmed dead.

“SietKilo recommended I sweep this matter under the rug, blame it on ‘air quality,’ and have another sale to move merchandise,” he said in an email sent to media outlets before ending his own life. “I could not live with this decision, and after hearing that another police officer has died, I can’t live at all. I am responsible for all the deaths and sickness in Cache Valley, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Residents of Logan have recently been experiencing strange instances of losing consciousness, including three-fourths of the police force which caused a car accident and the death of another.

“It got on all of our clothing merchandise and we took it to drycleaners to get it cleaned up but I’m afraid that this toxic mosquito repellant has caused a lot of health issues,” Swenson said before his death. “We’ve been trying to contact chemists who’ve had experience with this and they said a tainted batch could be fatal or toxic, especially for kids.”

According to Swenson, the merchandise was sold two days ago and he went to SeitKilo first and the company said he shouldn’t do anything and asked him to sell all of the clothing as soon as he could.

“At the time we didn’t believe it was linked to his company,” said Katie Feinauer, the managing director of the company.

“I just can’t live with covering it up,” Swenson said. “I feel so guilty.”

Katrina Patrick, a pediatrician at Logan Regional Hospital, said that Swenson’s description of symptoms of shortness of breath and wheezing in patients he saw earlier today.

“Patients came in with a weird smell that smelled like pesticide,” he said.

Patrick said that blood work is currently in the lab and they will have results in about two hours.

Shelby Ruud

Possible cases of Ebola in Utah are confirmed to be aggressive cases of the flu, according to Brandon Lytefoot, a Logan Regional Hospital representative. No one is currently quarantined or worried about having Ebola.

Jonathan Singer admitted himself to Utah Valley Hospital earlier today because he feared he had Ebola. His sister Zoey Singer admitted herself to Logan Regional Hospital with the same concerns. Both were confirmed to only have aggressive cases of the flu.

Earlier, the concerns about Ebola caused concern for some citizens. Lytefoot said that situations like this require citizens to remain calm.

By: Ethan Trunnell

Charles Barkley with the Sheriff’s Accident Investigation Team revealed that there may have been an explosion in the Utah State University men’s basketball team plane that crashed in Providence earlier today, evidenced by black powder found in the engine compartment.

Barkley said that further investigation has also revealed that a farmer who lives adjacent to the airport saw two men hop the fence and drive away in a truck.

Cache County Government relations confirmed that the truck was a red Dodge Ram with a king cab, newer than 2010. If the car is spotted, residents are encouraged to contact the Logan Police Department.

Barkley said that a wallet was found on the tarmac with identification inside, but the Sheriff’s Accident Investigation Team is hesitant to tie the aforementioned events to the plane crash.