By Logan Jones


“Be kind.”

These two words were written in colorful chalk on the pavement in front of the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum this morning.

In the tragic events that unfolded throughout the day, these words were covered with rubble from explosions within the Spectrum, run over by first responders assisting the many injured within the building and finally washed away by an afternoon shower that darkened the sky, matching the emotions felt by the citizens of Cache Valley on what had been a profoundly dark day.

Today at 1:02 p.m., 13-year-old Milly Gleck passed away. Gleck loved to dance almost as much as her father Ben enjoyed attending her recitals. She was a budding artist with lots of life left in her. She was part of a loving family who valued God, faith and kindness.

Milly is one of many friends and family members lost to today’s terrorist attacks. As the community mourns, the message thousands of Cache Valley citizens walked past today as they entered the Spectrum has never been more beautiful in its simplicity. It will take time to heal from this weekends events, and the thoughts and prayers of the community are with the Gleck family on this night.

Let us all remember to be kind.

by Tmera Bradley

Pop star Katy Perry will be playing at the WhySound BandSmash charity concert tonight. Proceeds from the $25 tickets will be donated to the victims of today’s bombings, along with $5,000 donated by Perry.

Along with Perry and the other bands, names of victims from todays car accidents and bombings will be released to the public during the concert. Homage will also be paid to Ben Gleck’s daughter who was killed at the spectrum today, and Logan High School Principal will be contributing to the event.

“We hope that the community will come out to show support to those who were affected during such a tragic day in Logan,” said Arthur Colson, BandSmash president.

By Erin Cox

Logan city police officers return to work after almost one month of being on strike. The officers went on strike in response to the collapse of the Cache County Workers Retirement Fund, but after the Utah State University bombings, are going back to work.

“The force needs all the help it can get,” said Oskar Robinowitz, member of the Cache County Sheriff Department Union.

Logan city mayor LaDamian Thymes-Jones III said the LCPD needs as much help as it can get.

“We need them all to come back,” Mayor Thymes-Jones said.

Robinowitz said that returning to the department didn’t mean the dispute with the county is over. “We’re going back to work because it’s an extraordinary situation,” he said.

Mayor Thymes-Jones said what has happened is a tragedy and plans to have extra forces at events.

“We offer, as a union, our condolences to all victims,” Robinowitz said.

Logan– Hostage Eva Ice, missing since Thursday, has been found according to FBI Agent Myron Scully. She has been deemed safe and fine, but she is traumatized. She may have a lead for who set off the bombs earlier today at Utah State University.

Eva Ice’s boyfriend, Terry Malloy, admits that he took part in the bombings. He gave no further details on what the group did or how he was involved.

More updates will come.

Officials at the Logan Co-Op Propane company notified police today that 200 propane tanks have been stolen.

James Donahue, owner of Logan Co-Op Propane, said he doesn’t know exactly when the tanks were stolen. He said it could have happened last night.

“We just found out about this,” Donahue said. “The gates were cut in a reserve section. We don’t go to that area very often.”

Lt. Brad Franke, of the Logan City Police Department said authorities are worried about the missing tanks.

“These propane tanks could be sold for a fair amount of money, but we are worried that they might be used as some kind of a tool to hurt other people,” Franke said.

Franke said if anyone has any information to call the police department immediately.

An interview with Ben Gleck’s public relations representative Howard Schultz revealed that Beck’s 13 year-old daughter Mildred, commonly known as Millie, died Friday at 1:02 p.m.

“It’s definitely a sad day for the Gleck family,” he said. 

It appears that she died from sustained head injuries caused by bombings that went off during Gleck’s speech during the USU Religion in Life Devotional. 

“She was sitting away from the stage, which I understand is where the bombs were, but she sustained head industries from being thrown,” Schultz said. 

In regards to the reaction of Gleck and his family, Schultz noted that Gleck will work hard to make sure that something like this never happens again through his radio show, “It’s Your Call.” 

“Mr. Gleck is a passionate man and he obviously has a lot of causes that he’s already very active in so i don’t see how once they get the bottom of what this … how he wouldn’t be passionate in never seeing this happen again,” Schultz said. 

He added that Gleck and his team felt sorry for whoever did this. 

“We’re sorry for them because whether you believe in a heaven or not, we sure know that Ben Gleck does, but we don’t see anyone who’s done something like this going anyplace resembling a heaven,” he said.  “It’s definitely very hard but Mr. Gleck is a forgiving person but we just feel sorry for whoever has decided to do that.”



Jon Smith, a bishop from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has advised young men and young women engaged in missionary efforts to avoid the Provo Missionary Training Center.

Church authorities believe it is being targeted for future bombings. They also report all church members as targets for attack. They members are advised to remain in their house.

The MTC and Logan Temple have both been shut-down.


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